List of great topics for writing an essay about hollywood actors

Best topics about Hollywood celebrities for your essay
Many students have no idea how to write essays. Their creativity is running out on the second paper, while high school and college are full of academic writing papers assigned every single day. Of course, when you have no time, you can afford to get professional academic writing services, but this is rather a temporary solution (unless you are ready to pay money on a regular basis – then you can also order help with accounting homework and other subjects). There are different kinds of essays with plenty of topics each, so you have great opportunities for your imagination. In this article, we will show you how to write acting essays and present a bunch of topics widely used when writing an essay about being an actor.

Top chosen topics about Hollywood

How many times have you received a task to write «Essay my favourite actor»? Today, many young people are attracted by Hollywood stars and their examples. This is not just about movies a star plays in, but about the total image: media coverage, being rich, talented and famous, ads, private lives, etc. All these things make celebrities interesting, and hundreds of fans watch them play both in movies and their real lives. If the topic is also interesting to you too, then you can use it to write your own essay (unless you are 100% sure you need help with assignment writing). So, you can use:
1. The American Dream
This topic is widely used by international students who are confident in becoming rich and famous once they move to the US;
2. Hollywood's biggest actors
If you have seen plenty of Hollywood movies, you can write the essay even without doing proper research – just name a few famous actors and explain how they impacted the movie history;
3. The prohibition of Hollywood
Did you know that some time ago, the US government decided to stop citizens' alcohol drinking? The interesting fact is that Hollywood stars were not influenced by this movement. Why?
4. Marilyn Monroe as one of the most famous Hollywood actresses
Choose a few movies with Marilyn and describe how she reached her fame;
5. The rules of success
Millions of people from all over the globe arrive in Hollywood to be noticed and become famous. How difficult is this path?
6. Hollywood scammers and cheaters
Probably everyone has heard stories about young girls tempted by great contracts and ending up with no money? This is another side of Hollywood. How can people avoid this happening?
7. Top most profitable movies made in Hollywood
What are the top five movies that brought incredible incomes to producers? Was it deserved or not really?
8. How to become an actor: a 101 guide
Tell about acting agencies, courses and other organizations where people can learn acting and move their career forward;
9. Drugs and alcohol in Hollywood
There are so many stories about successful actors who like drinking when driving or use drugs. What are the most famous of them?
10. Hollywood and suicide cases
Sometimes fame is not enough to feel happy. What famous actors and actresses committed suicide, and why?
11. Hollywood beauty standards
What are the main criteria for actors and actresses? Does beauty really matter to get a role?
12. Great movie producers discovered on the street
What people brought benefit to the movie world without proper education and experience?