IMPROVATORIUM began as a series of classes for improvisational actors who wanted to explore doing extended narrative improvisation in various film and theatre styles.

Our first foray into genre based performance was  “L.A.  EXTEMPORANIAL,” a film noir inspired hour long improvised show.That  experiment morphed into “NOIR TOWN” which we coupled with ” NO PLACE LIKE ROME,” an improvised double feature of Film Noir and Roman Epic.

Our first full length effort enjoyed an extended run with  “DEATH, LIES & ALIBIS!” Improvised Agatha Christie.  This was followed by  our musical hit, “Zombience” and  then our most ambitious attempt, “HITCHCOCKED,”

In addition to our genre based productions, we periodically return to our short form roots with “PURE IMPROV,” which as the title suggests is a simple improv show featuring more open scenes and “spots” than any structure, format,  or style.

Classes are offered periodically.  In addition to classic improv technique, we stress ensemble and story and take an actorly approach to character and performance. We absolutely demand an supportive atmosphere which keeps our classes fun and safe for all.

Come check out one of our shows and see why IMPROVATORIUM is quickly becoming an improv destination for study and performance.

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